The Last Quiet Day, in August 1883, during the Dutch colonization, in A region that later on become Indonesia, there happened a moment that changed the world. It was the day when the world exploded: The Krakatoa eruption. I see this incredible moment has changed almost everything. A few days before the annihilation took place, all living creatures were worried for some reasons unknown.

This feeling of silence and uncertainty has led me to built an installation. I believed that, in the beginning of the great catastrophe, there was a moment of silence and uncertainty: a moment when we (supposed to) think almost nothing but feel almost about everything. When the great things become faint, mute and encourage a quite contemplation, then we know, how these big things are coming.

This triptych panoramic line drawing is a landscape view of Krakatoa, the volcanic island before the great eruption which drastically changed its demography. As seen from the north Lang island, we will see three mountain peak of Krakatoa island, from right to left were the Rakata (820m height), Danan (450m height), and Perboeatan (120m height) and on the left side of the island we could see another stranded rocky island called the Verlaten island.

The Last Quiet Day #1

triptych @ 60 x 120
ink on paper and wall with plexiglass frame 

The Last Quiet day  #2

130 X 50 x 70 //
90 x 40 x 60
red mahogany wood, rough iron structure & a glass of water

The Last Quiet day  #3

60 (diameter) + yarn
burned plywood, swinging machine and black yarn

exhibited at Project no#3 - Platform3, Bandung