Mutual Interspecies Invitation

John Berger in his essay: Why look at animals? Mentioned the idea how lonely we are as a species, and animals offered companionship which is different from any offered by human exchange (Berger, 1980, p.15). We do not speak the same language with the other species and yet made us more curious, interested and connected with them. This idea of human loneliness as a species lead us into the observation of other species - animals. We created a bond with them while exploring the similarities, differences, and see our reflection and made us more aware as human being.

The Biophilia hypothesis by Edward Wilson described biophilia as an innate tendency to focus upon life and other lifelike forms, and in some instances to affiliate with them emotionally. In his conclusion, he optimist by understanding other organism, we will place a greater value on them, and on ourselves (Wilson, 1984, prologue).

Provoked by this premises and observations of how human urbanization had changed, 
even destroyed spaces, and the impact of this on the other species around us, while transforming urban space into a place, we as human had created patches and edges which lead to habitat fragmentation . 

This project considers the complex relationship between human and animals, the company of animals, the silent language and the mute communication between animals and humans. By investigating the issues of sharing objects with other species, furniture was developed that can be shared by both animals and humans in the space between our two realities; wild life and urban life. Creating spaces where the object acts as a part of a new habitat merging these two worlds. The object forms a tool or platform to generate public awareness about the existence of urban-wildlife and propose a new realm of public furniture.

The loss of songbirds from urban space is a noticeable and regrettable environmental issue 
and this project proposes a platform, a skeletal structures for new habitat, to invite the song bird to shared a space with us, and, of course vice versa.

Mutual Interspecies Invitation

280 x 210 x 260
rust treated iron & scandinavian pine wood
(dried worms, seeds, nuts, fruit and vegetables)