new project prologue

     The Native Island 

‘The Native Island’ is a project which explores a new habitat in a space within borders, an island between wild and domestic space with a mixed scenario proposition. The random encounter, the discovery, the curiosity of something novel, strange, fear, thrill and the revelation of trust.

This project developed by performing works which built and proposed with different approaches. Working with the idea of discovering a new species, observing its behaviour, envisage its relationship and how its communicate with its environment in order to discover the nature of a space.

In the time where things are born, compete and crash on the edge of wild and domestic space, the urge to find the new species of artefacts from The Native Island is critical. How the existence of these species of artefacts bridges the gap between the wild and domestic space? 

This April, the exploration of The Native Island begin in Kandura studio which focusing in ceramics. What to discover?