Decoy Delivery - Thirty Hornbills

In celebrating Pasar Seni 2014, Agriardi with his team at FBS published a special release from his "Native Island" project, an expedition in a novel space within two borders; domestic and wildlife realm, in the pursuit of self awareness by looking at nature. The first closure with this island will be talking about the barrier, density, fear, curiosity, also the process of identification and observation. 

Decoy Delivery

 layered hand-press blockprint
pigmented fabric paint and digital print on cotton twill with blue thread borders
30 unique editions numbered & signed (back) 
each 20 x 20 cm


“Decoy Delivery” showing an image of a green crocodile with a basket full of red fruits and green leaves where a white bird perching with another basket of fruits and leaves on its head. On the upper basket, a tiny white mouse standing while holding a red flag. This three creatures seen swimming and floating in the dense of blue forest. They posed as a floating totem of decoy. A decoy for hunters.

Thirty Hornbills

acrylic and pigmented fabric paint on backside of cotton twill with blue thread borders
fragmented into 30 piece of smaller painting

 each 20 x 20 cm
total composition 180 x 150 cm


Painted with fabric and acrylic paint, “Thirty Hornbills” is a fragmented painting you will find on the back side of these decoys. Separated into thirty paintings which will be complete in composition of six (horizontal) by five (vertical) in numbered orders, the words of Native Island Delivery will appear hazily. There is one hornbill on each painting, flying, posed or perch on the floating-feathery composite space. A large tropical Old World bird, easily recognized by having a very large curved bill that typically has a large horny or bony casque. A bird of protection.