The Artist Project 1.0 
by Gallery & Co - The official the official museum store at the National Gallery Singapore with a bookstore, restaurant, bar and design store in a continuous space. The products in this first exclusive capsule collaboration are usable and wearable forms of art created by artists and designers as a contemporary take on what Singapore means to them.

"For me, Singapore is best represented by the view of urban birds flying and perching across the city scape. I always been curious on the complex relationship between human, animals and space. My last MA project in Central Saint Martins, was actually triggered after my visit to Singapore. I was observing how the urban bird perching on manmade structures and investigate the issues of sharing objects with another species, in the space between two realities; wild life and urban life. Urbanization leads to the loss of songbirds from urban space and become a noticeable and regrettable environmental issues, and I found it Singapore with it's rapid development is an example where birds are changing their behaviour, became urban birds and roam across the cityscape." 

Limited edition of 100 pieces