Spatial Amulets for The Others
Mixed Media; wood, fabric, plastic, ropes, 
mixed seeds & nesting materials, 
surrounding a yellow bamboo clumps
configuration depend on installation site - 
approx ∅ 3.5m

As a part of my ongoing project, for BNE Re-Emergence show, I worked with the issue of sharing a space with another species and the idea of spatial accesories installation as a platform to re-questioning the issue. The work is in a form of huge necklace as a respond to the gallery’s outdoor site, which has so many place to hung objects, like extruding wall corners and trees. Its mimicking an amulet or offering for the “other” that some of us like to hung outside or near the entrance of the house for good luck or as a gratitude towards others.

This spatial necklace composed by a series of blue-wrapped geometric forms as a contrast to the gallery outdoor space especially one of it's garden species; Yellow Bamboo (Bambusa vulgaris). However instead of just “interrupting” the space, some of the necklace parts contain some mixed seeds and nesting material as an offering and gratitute to the gallery's “other” visitors; the urban birds.