• How was your day so far?

  • Its been a dense experiences since I landed and step my feet on the Native Island. As I walk further deep into the blue habitat, I found a space where things get warmer and the air less denser. A new space to wander with those who came from different ships yet looking the same aspiration.

    My next step brought me to a new research project about:
    The Future Habitat of Happiness - Wellbeing in The Era of Space Extinction.

    As I move forward on this adventure, I need to refresh my working place and decided not to extend my studio ownership. I will keep working, developing the idea and making new body of works from here to there, personally also collaboratively.

    I envisioned this research project as my proposal for my PhD program I am planning to propose later this year. It will be awesome if you can jump in on this new adventure with me.

    Regarding to this, in one month I wont have space for storing. Most of the available works in the studio stockroom will be on offer. A spring special studio offer. So, I’m offering some of my available works for barter with devices I need to run my new adventure.

    Why barter? 
    Related with my new project, its better than cash. Its about exchanging the real values we each other need (and it could be easier to access too 😉. Each work will be available for barter with a supporting devices for my new project.

    dont hesitate to DM, text or email me for more info about the available works on this special offer and how this special offer work. And kindly spread the news to your aspiring friends

    Have a good day all!