Native Island

What We Seek in Nature?

In 1979, biologist Edward O. Wilson stated Biophilia hypothesis, where as a living creature, we have a tendency to focus upon life and other lifelike forms and affiliate with them emotionally. In his conclusion, he optimist by understanding other organism, we will place a greater value on them, and on ourselves.

On the same path, J. Berger mentioned in his essay: Why look at animals? about the idea how lonely we are as a species, and animals offered companionship which is different from any offered by human exchange. This idea of human loneliness as a species lead us into the observation of other species: Animals. We created a bond with them while exploring the similarities, differences, and see our reflection and made us more aware as human being.

Provoked by these two premises and ongoing investigation, I see observation on nature is not only a part of forming a connection with nature itself but also with ourself as a human being.


I am working on my current project; “The Native Island”, an expedition on a novel space inside border; between urban-domestic and wildlife realm, in the pursuit of self awareness by looking at nature and present it in mixed scenario proposition.

Through this project,  I curiously observe and reflect my environment as an expedition. I explore the idea of a journey in discovering and collecting species of artifact, observing its behaviour, envisage its relationship and how its communicate between the inhabitants in order to discover the nature of this novel space.

My first closure with this island is talking about the barrier, density, conflicts, curiosity, also the process of identification and observation. Now, as I go further and step my feet into this island, I started to find and observed the inhabitants and on its way collecting the artifacts.

* about Blue:

I chose Blue color spectrum as almost every naturally occurring blue qualifies as structural color. Despite we see a lot of blue spectrum in nature, but its actually almost never really exist at the beginning as in pigments color. Relating to the novelty issues of new artifact I generated, I used blue spectrum color to visualize this space I investigate. Blue; something natural, yet not so natural.